Developers: FORM and REST Interfaces

FORM Interface

With the FORM interface, the payment information is sent from the web shop to Paytrail’s system using the simple HTTP POST method.

Customers are normally redirected from a web shop to Paytrail’s payment page to select their preferred payment method, however if using the payment page bypass (with the FORM interface) the payment method selection can be made in the web shop. The bypass makes the payment process clearer and shorter, which helps increase the payment conversion rate.

For more info about the FORM interface, please refer to the documentation.

REST Interface

With the REST interface, payments are created in advance using HTTP POST requests between servers, including payment information in XML or JSON format. The request returns a payment link that the customer can be redirected to make the payment, or the payment link can be sent to the customer, for example, by email. Bypassing the payment page is not supported in the REST interface.

For more info, please refer to the documentation.


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