Monthly use tip: Parallel IDs for active online merchants

Matti Mäkelä Written by Matti Mäkelä - Jan 31, 2013


Are you an active online merchant? Do you have more than one separate web shops to maintain?

Finnish Web Payments offers a service whereby parallel IDs can be created for your payment transactions. This enables making settlements to different bank accounts, if necessary. This way, payments are transferred in separate flows and you can view parallel ID payments in another Merchant’s Panel. This makes it also less likely to confuse individual payments.

Additionally, retrieval and handling of bookkeeping reports will become easier, as you do not have to itemise settlements manually. The name of the web shop, which is visible to your customer during payment, can also be edited here to better identify the web shop.

For more information about parallel IDs, please contact our customer care ( +358 600 41005).

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