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Paytrail is your solution to the Finnish market

There are limitless possibilities for how you can use Paytrail's service. We ease payment related hassles, whether you operate a small, local business or a large, international company.

Why choose Paytrail?
  • Finland's most versatile payment methods for online businesses
  • Excellent customer service for online merchants and consumers provided in Finnish, English and Swedish: 77% recommend Paytrail's customer service (NPS 66 in 2023)
  • The availability of our payment service is 99.98% - there is no need to worry about the success of payments
  • The most used payment service in Finland - more than 20,000 customers trust Paytrail
  • We have a payment institution license granted by the Financial Supervisory Authority

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Paytrail's payment service is suitable for many different needs:



Products and/or services are sold by online stores (B2C and B2B).


Online Services

Digital content, membership fees or monthly fees. Whether it is an educational institution, rental agency, sports club, non-profit or an association.


Booking Systems

Airline tickets, bus tickets, hotel reservations, entertainment ticket sales, online booking calendars and course registrations. 



Sale of products or services of several parties in the same service, shopping cart and payment transaction. A marketplace solution. 

What is the most preferred way to pay?

In Finland, most online consumers prefer to pay via their online bank. So it's necessary to include direct payment functionality in your online shop or service. Avoid the hassle of signing agreements with all the banks in Finland and contact us instead. We are an authorized payment service provider, when you use our service no additional agreements are needed.

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15.360 €
July 2022
18.360 €
October 2022

Excellent conversion

With our service, consumers can choose their preferred payment method without any intermediate steps. We do not decide for the consumer which payment method is best.

To help you improve your conversion performance, we have a proven track record with Payment Page Bypass.

There are two main reasons for shopping cart abandonment: The customer is not offered their preferred payment method or the payment process is unclear.

Mobile Payments


Mobile payments

Our payment page is optimized for mobile devices. Shopping on a phone or tablet runs smoothly on our payment page, and does not increase cart abandonment.

Our service also includes the popular mobile payment methods: MobilePay, Pivo, Siirto and Apple Pay.

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B2B invoicing

We've added Alisa Yrityslasku to our selection of payment methods. It is suitable for all Finnish companies, regardless of the business type. 

With Alisa Yrityslasku, shopping online is easy and businesses get up to 60 days interest-free payment period. For online merchants, Alisa Yritylasku is a risk-free payment method, as Alisa Bank bears the credit and fraud risk.

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Fast cash flow

It is important that settlements are received are as quickly as possible. Fast cash flow makes it easier to run everyday business.

The settlement delay* for all payment methods is 3 banking days. We offer the shortest settlement delay in the Finnish market for Buy now, Pay later method Walley.

However, you can get settlements for all payment methods in one banking day. Ask us for more information.

Real-time payment confirmations included in our service ensures that the status of successful payment happens quickly.

* Settlement delay refers to the day when the settlement goes from Paytrail's customer reserve account to the merchant's account.

In-app payments

In-app payments is simple and easy. You will receive a wide selection of payment methods, good instructions and integration support.

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financing pinkki

We are launching a new financing solution, Paytrail Financing, in collaboration with our partner Liberis. Paytrail Financing is suitable for merchants who have been a Paytrail customer for at least four months and are looking for an easy and fast financing option to accelerate growth.

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 Have a large volume business?

More than 20,000 customers use our payment service. Our reliable service is the choice of Finland's largest companies.

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