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Starter package for a startup or small business owner. 14,90 €/month and transaction fees 0,50 €/trx + 3 %. Weekly settlements.

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This package is suitable for a larger volume business. 59 €/month and transaction fees 0,40 €/trx. Settlements in three business days.

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Package for shop-in-shop administrator, one webshop for multiple companies. Settlements at their fastest, in one banking day.

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If your online business has a turnover of more than 2 million euros per year, request a quote. Large volumes require a reliable solution.

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Successful transactions will be charged accordingly:




Monthly fee 14,90 €/month 59 €/month
Online banks
Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Säästöpankki, Oma Säästöpankki, POP Pankki, Aktia, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, S-Pankki 0,50 €/trx
+ 3 %
0,40 €/trx
Visa, Mastercard 0,50 €/trx
+ 3 %
0,40 €/trx
+ 2 %
American Express 0,50 €/trx
+ 3 %
0,40 €/trx
+ 3 %
Mobile payments
MobilePay, Pivo, Siirto 0,50 €/trx
+ 3 %
0,40 €/trx
+ 2 %
Apple Pay 0,50 €/trx
+ 3 %
0,40 €/trx
+ 3 %
Invoice and installments
OP-lasku (invoice), Jousto, Walley 0,50 €/trx
+ 3 %
0,40 €/trx
+ 2 %

Additional services



Additional merchant IDs
(Same business ID)
29,50 €/month per ID
Merchant panel usernames with different rights 0 €/month
Gross settlements
(Transaction fees invoiced separately)
10 €/month
Processing fee for licensed business 500 €/year
Other transaction fees
Additional fee for tokenized and recurring card payments (feature not available in S-package) 0,15 €/trx
Payment via direct payment method agreement (interface fee) 0,40 €/trx
Transaction-specific settlement (individual settlement) 0,15 €/trx
Use of alternative bank payment interfaces for S package merchants 0,50 €/trx
+ 3 %
Use of alternative bank payment interfaces 0,40 €/trx
Payment method surcharge 0,15 €/trx
Refund management 0 €/month
Refund in S package (all payment methods, commission will be refunded) 0,50 €/trx
Refund of payment for other packages (all payment methods) 0,40 €/trx
Chargeback fee 50 €/trx
Refund for a card payment older than 365 days 3 €/trx
Custom service
Merchant specific work (customization, special investigation work, etc.) 99 €/h
Customized statistics for online payments per merchant starting at 1 500 €/year

For the monthly fee, 24 % VAT is added. Transaction taxes and commissions have 0 % VAT. With direct contracts, VAT is 24 % for transactions. For payment methods with commission, the commission is taken from the total amount of the payment. The fees shown in the price list apply only to companies registered in Finland. The prices may differ from those presented above, if it is a company registered outside of Finland.

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