On this page you can find information about the cookies used on Paytrail's website. 


We use cookies to improve your experience and understand how people use our website. The use of cookies does not make it possible for us to identify visitors to our website.

 Cookies are small files that are automatically placed on your device. Cookies provide us at Paytrail with information about our visitors such as how they navigate thru our website, and which online content is most used. This information allows us to improve our service.

 Essential cookies

These cookies allow our website to function properly. You can prevent the use of all cookies by changing your browser settings but blocking their use may impair the functionality of the website.

 Functional cookies

These cookies enable the website to provide enhanced functionality such as the Intercom chat service. If you reject functional cookies, your experience will be affected as some, or all services may not function properly.

Advertising cookies

These cookies allow us to personalize the advertising content shown to our visitors thru social media platforms (LinkedIn, Meta) and Google's advertising services. Advertising cookies collect information about how visitors consume different advertising content (e.g. clicks, effectiveness of ads). The purpose of these cookies is to provide visitors with as relevant and interesting content as possible.

Analytics cookies

With the help of analytics cookies (Google, HubSpot, Hotjar) we collect information such as the number of visitors to our website, the most popular webpages and the location of visitors. Analytics cookies provide important information about the functionality of the website, which allows us to offer visitors as smooth an experience as possible.

The website visitor can modify their cookie settings at any time using the "Cookie Settings" option found on this site. The visitor can reject all other, except essential, cookies through the settings. Cookies are valid for a maximum of 12 months unless the visitor makes changes to the settings between site visits.

Any questions?

If you have questions about cookies or data privacy, you can contact us: / +358 20 718 1830