Paytrail Financing

We've partnered with Liberis to offer business customers a new easy financing solution. 


An easy financing solution for Paytrail merchants

We've partnered with Liberis to launch a new financing solution, Paytrail Financing. It is suitable for merchants who have been a Paytrail customer for at least four months and are looking for an easy and fast financing option to accelerate growth, restock, or respond to new opportunities.

The merchant receives the financed amount directly from Liberis. The repayment is an agreed percentage that Paytrail deducts from the merchant's account and transfers to Liberis until it's been repaid in full. The more payments customers make, the shorter the repayment time. 

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Why choose Paytrail Financing?

checkmark An easy and fast financing option for Paytrail's business customers - no long business plans or documentation.

checkmark Flexible payments - pay back as your customers pay you.

checkmark Quick financing decision - usually within 24 hours!

checkmark Fixed fee - no interest or hidden costs. Even if you need more time to pay, the fee will not increase.

checkmark 90 % of customers recommend Liberis

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Who is Paytrail Financing suitable for?

Paytrail customers

You can apply for financing when you have been a Paytrail customer for at least four months.



Businesses wanting to grow

Paytrail Financing is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized merchants who want to accelerate the growth of their company.

For all industries

Paytrail Financing is suitable for many different industries, regardless of what products or services you sell online.

Paytrail Financing in a nutshell

Financing example

Financed amount = 10 000 €
Fixed fee = 1800 € (18 % financed amount)
Total amount to repay = 11 800 €
Pay back percentage = 10 % of payments

If you receive on average 10,000 € per month in sales, repayment will take approximately 12 months.

Click below for more detailed instructions for applying for Paytrail Financing in the Merchant panel.

Instructions for applying for financing

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If you want to discuss Paytrail Financing or the features of our payment service in more detail, provide your information and we will get in touch within a few business days.




Paytrail Financing is offered in cooperation with small business financing expert Liberis. They are a multi-awarded financial service provider that offers easy, flexible and transparent financing to help small businesses achieve their goals.

Liberis offers financing based on business potential, not just credit history. The company has provided more than £970 million of easily accessible, flexible financing to small businesses around the world since 2007.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the interest rate on the financing?

Since Paytrail Financing is income-based financing and not a loan, there is no interest because there is no deadline either. Instead, we charge one fixed fee that doesn't change even if you need more time to repay.

Can you grant more funds?

Offers are based on your past transactions. However, our experts can consider your needs and look at additional income streams.

When you have paid back more than half of the financed amount and payments are being made as expected, you can apply for additional financing.

When will I receive the funds?

Typically, more than 75% of customers receive their funds already within 48 hours of their approved application.

How long does it take to get a decision?

Once the application has been sent, the decision is usually made within 24 hours and depends on the amount of financing you are applying for.

What is the duration of the financing?

The amount is usually repaid within 4-12 months. Paytrail Financing works in line with your sales, so you only pay as customers pay you.

This means that there are no specific payment dates or late fees!

Can I pay off the financing I received earlier?

Yes. You can pay the remaining balance at once, but paying in installments is not possible.

Do you need help?

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