Data Privacy Notice

Your security and privacy is important to us.

Data Privacy Notice

Your security and privacy are important to us.

Data protection is an essential part of Paytrail’s operations as a payment service provider. We process personal data of both merchants and consumers, not to mention the basic registers that a company requires.

Whether you are an online business or customer, you can be sure we at Paytrail take care of your data protection like we do our own.

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Subprocessors Paytrail uses

Paytrail and data protection

Paytrail operates as an online payment service provider. As part of our daily payment service and business operations, we process personal data related to payments.

In all our operations, we strive to ensure that personal data is processed in a secure manner with respect to privacy and current legislation. We are committed to the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and develop our data protection accordingly. Data protection shall be taken into account in all information security solutions.

Data protection refers to processing personal data in a manner that guarantees an individual's right to privacy and their own data.

Paytrail management has approved these principles and is committed to data protection in all its operations.

Processing personal data


The handling of personal data by Paytrail is based on the criteria defined in the legislation regulating the operations of payment institutions or on an individual's own consent. Personal data shall be processed in accordance with good data processing practices and the principles of the data protection regulation. Our staff is continually trained and instructed to act in a secure manner and with regard to data protection. Our staff is also bound by banking secrecy.

Personal data is used for the purposes described during its collection within the limits of legislation. More information on information handling and registered individuals’ rights are available in the register-specific privacy policies.

The processing of personal data at Paytrail is guided by documented procedures. The use of information systems is controlled by the user management solution and the principle of minimal access rights.


For payments the payer's personal data is supplied to Paytrail, the party submitting the payment information (e.g. an online store) acts as the data controller and Paytrail as a processor of the personal data.

To support our customers in data protection work, we offer a data processing agreement as an appendix to our payment service agreement that provides guidance on the processing personal data. The agreement also defines the rights and obligations between the controller and the data processor regarding the personal data processed in the payment service.


Paytrail has a data security policy that defines protocol for potential exceptional situations. As a payment institution, Paytrail is also bound by the Financial Supervisory Authority’s regulations and guidelines regarding data security.

If we suspect or notice any data security risk, we will investigate the issue immediately. Communications will be handled primarily by email to the contact persons named for Paytrail. In accordance with the data protection regulation, any personal data breaches shall be reported as soon as possible to the supervising authority, applicable data controllers, and if necessary, to the registered individual.


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If you have any questions about data protection, contact us. / +358 20 718 1830