Compatible Platforms

Paytrail's payment service is pre-installed or available on almost all e-commerce platforms.

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WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform that allows you to connect a payment service to the Wordpress online service.

WooCommerce modules:

Paytrail for WooCommerce
WebData shop


Magento is one of the most popular open source ecommerce platforms and is suitable for both small and large businesses.

You can get the Magento 2 module free of charge from: or Paytrail for Adobe Commerce 


Shopify is Canadian and one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in the world.

Paytrail is also connected to the Shopify e-commerce platform. Instructions for setting up Paytrail in Shopify can be found here.


Paylink is a new type of payment link sending system. It allows you to sell any products without another system. Just enter the product, amount and customer information. Send the link to the customer and the customer can directly pay for the order.

Enable Paylink by ordering Paylink IDs and Paytrail's service. Paylink is included in Paytrail's monthly fee.


MyCashflow is a Finnish online store platform used by hundreds of Finnish online retailers.

Paytrail is already integrated into the MyCashflow platform. Installation instructions can be found here.


PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce platform suitable for both small and large e-commerce.

PrestaShop add-ons for different versions:

Aivomatic: PrestaShop 1.6 and PrestaShop 1.7

Ahco: PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7


Netaxept is Nets' e-commerce solution, through which the merchant can use card payment in his online store. Paytrail offers Netaxept a bank button payment through a single agreement.

Ask your Nets contact about getting Paytrail's bank buttons.


Vilkas is a Finnish e-commerce platform with a monthly fee. Vilkas won IT-magazine Tivi's best e-commerce platform in 2014.

Paytrail is already connected to the Vilkas e-commerce platform and instructions for setting up Paytrail can be found here for Suite version and for Now-Version.


Ecwid is a new kind of e-commerce platform that can be embedded in a Facebook or WordPress site. In addition, Ecwid can create "buy here" buttons that can be added to almost any website or even emails.

Nettimaailma offers the Ecwid plugin and instructions to installing it.


Kotisivukone is a website building platform on which you can also build an online store.

Paytrail is pre-installed on the Kotisivu e-commerce platform and instructions for implementing the service can be found  here.

Manual integration

You do not need an extension to connect to Paytrail's online service. Our service documentation contains instructions and examples for implementing the service.

Should you need assistance feel free to contact our technical support.


OpenCart is a powerful open source e-commerce platform. Paytrail is available for different versions of OpenCart.

The Paytrail add-ons for OpenCart: Version 1.5.x.x and Versions 2 and 3.


Drupal is a publishing system based on e-commerce platforms Übercart and Drupal Commerce.

Paytrail module for Drupal Ubercart or Drupal Commerce online store | Xocovis

Commerce Payment: Paytrail


Finqu is a Finnish e-commerce platform with a monthly fee. Paytrail is pre-installed on Finqu.

Paytrail is immediately usable as a Paytrail application. Instructions for installing the app can be found from here.


ViidakkoStore is an e-commerce platform for Finnish Liana Technologies, built with search engine optimization in mind.

Ask your ViidakkoStore contact for more information on setting up Paytrail.


Crasman is a Finnish pioneer in e-commerce and services, whose digital service platform Stage & Studio is utilized by many Finnish market leaders in their industry as e-commerce platforms.

Contact Crasman for Paytrail implementation.


Wix is a web platform that makes it easy to create easy-to-look home pages with an easy home page editor. The e-commerce platform Ecwid can be embedded in Wix's website. Paytrail works as a payment method in Ecwid. You can find Paytrail setup instructions here

Nettimaailma offers Ecwid add-on and installation instructions.


Weebly is a website editor that makes it easy to create great websites. Ecwid can be embedded on Weebly’s website. Paytrail works as a payment method in Ecwid.

Implementation instructions for embedding Ecwid in Weebly.

Nettimaailma offers Ecwid add-on and installation instructions.

Clover Shop

Clover Shop is a Finnish online store platform that is already used by hundreds of Finnish online retailers.

Paytrail is pre-installed in the Clover Shop. Activate Paytrail here. Instructions for setting up Paytrail in the Clover Shop can be found here.


Flowvy is a versatile e-commerce solution. Paytrail is pre-installed in Flowvy with comprehensive features. 

Ask Jeemly's contact person for more information about the implementation of Paytrail.


VirtueMart is an open source platform available for the Joomla publishing system.

The add-on for VirtueMart 3 can be purchased directly from Aivomatic's online store.


JoomShopping is an e-commerce platform for the Joomla publishing system. Paytrail is available for JoomShopping.

More information on the installation of the JoomShopping platform


Webnode is an online store and website platform used by more than 40 million users. You can easily and quickly create an own online store through it. 

Paytrail is already available as a payment method and be connected easily with these instructions


HikaShop is an online store platform for the Joomla publishing system. Paytrail is available at HikaShopp.

You can download HikaShop from Artio's website: 

Dataflow eCommerce

Dataflow eCommerce online store is well suited for targeted to a wider customer base. The online store scales from small to large in terms of product quantity, language versions, currencies, delivery countries, delivery methods and payment methods.

Dataflow eCommerce directly supports Paytrail's online payment service. For instructions on setting up Paytrail, you can ask either Paytrail or your Atflow contact person. 

Oscar eCommerce

Oscar eCommerce is a Finnish e-commerce entity that is designed to solve the e-retailer's sales and buying needs in multiple channels, both online and in-store.

If needed, the solution expands to cover the entire company's ERP, production management and financial management, without forgetting customer relationship management. Ask your Oscar eCommerce contact about how to set up Paytrail.


Webmercs offers a complete package: server maintenance, maintenance portal for e-commerce customers, comprehensive support, and marketing tools.

You will also find chain and reseller solutions, product configurators, invoicing and accounting modules, interfaces for e-commerce, versatile options for processing payments and orders, wholesale and logistics solutions, and customizable product catalogs.


Bokun is a new platform for tourism services. It includes a booking service, a marketplace for retailers, sales features for additional services, and everything else a travel business entrepreneur might just need. See instructions for setting up Paytrail in Bokun.


Codegem Oy's Travius is a sales and ERP system for travel services. Through it, the merchant can sell accommodations or services.

Travius aims to improve the competitive conditions of tourism companies by providing the merchant with the appropriate tools to make a profit. Contact Codegem for Paytrail implementation.


Duda is a new kind of website building tool that also includes an online store. The best part of Duda is the easy and simple website building tool and dedicated support in problem situations.

Web pages can also be edited via code. Duda works via Ecwid.


Kirppari-Kalle is an online booking system for flea markets. It allows the customer to reserve a table and pay for it when booking. In addition, the operator of the flea market sees the customer's reservation and can offer its customers a mobile application, through which they can see their sales from anywhere and at any time.

The customer pays for their reservation through Paytrail. Contact your Kirppari-Kalle contact person to activate Paytrail.


The Finnish cloud service LiquidBlox enables a new way to set up an online store. The e-commerce platform Shopify is agilely integrated with LiquidBlox websites. The shopping cart is included on websites, blogs, digital brochures and online magazines. Product information and orders are managed through Shopify.

The structure and content of the site are modified with LiquidBlox. The structure of the site is freely customizable unlike online shopping in general. Read more in the Shopify setup instructions.


eApteekki is an e-commerce platform for pharmacies. Through it, pharmacies can also sell prescription drugs easily. The ePharmacy includes many features that are specifically for pharmacy operations. For example, a customer may request a telephone call for medication advice.

Paytrail is a method of payment in eApteeki. Ask your eApteeki contact person for more information about the implementation.

Odoo eCommerce

Odoo is an open source eCommerce platform. It has all the necessary features for both small and large online retailers.

Paytrail is available in the Odoo online store with  add-ons: SprintIt add-on: Versions 13, 14 & 15
Kanat Systems add-on: version 14 & 15


Liveto is a new kind of event service that also includes a lot of features for selling an event. A new kind of Dropshop service is a feature where tickets can be sold through the event’s own website.

Paytrail is a payment method in Liveto. Ask your Liveto contact person about implementing Paytrail.


OsCommerce is a royalty-free e-commerce application that provides clear and responsive e-commerce at an affordable price.

Contact JL Commerce to connect Paytrail to the OsCommerce online store.


Refox is a Finnish e-commerce platform based on a monthly fee, which offers a web-based ERP system, e-commerce, ERP system, inventory management and ledger in one package.

Paytrail is pre-installed on the Refox platform. Ask your contact person about setting up Paytrail.


Squarespace is a web platform whose home page editor can be used to create easy-to-look home pages.

A Shopify ”Buy Button”can be attached to the Squarespace page, to which Paytrail’s payment service can be connected. Ask for more information about the implementation from Paytrail's sales team.

Evolution Solutions Oy

Evolution Solutions Oy is a Finnish software house that has been customizing online stores for its customers for more than ten years.

Paytrail is pre-installed on Evolution Solutions' e-commerce platform. Ask your Evolution Solutions contact person about setting up Paytrail.


Johku is a versatile tool for the tourism entrepreneur. The system allows an entrepreneur to easily sell tourism services and products, as well as monitor business development. The service is particularly suitable for the needs of entrepreneurs in the tourism industry.

Paytrail's service is already integrated into Johku's system.


TravelNet, offered by Sportum Oy, is a cloud-based solution that includes all the features needed in the day-to-day operations of a travel company, such as reservation management, back office and versatile tools for sales management and the use of organizational support functions.

In addition, TravelNet enables travel companies to have their own online store and visibility in numerous sales channels.

Webropol Events

Paytrail is already integrated Webropol Events tool. Events is an easy-to-use module built around survey software that focuses only on events.

Events minimize the administrative work required and allow organizers to focus on the most important thing - creating interesting and unforgettable experiences.


Webio e-commerce includes everything you need for e-commerce and e-commerce management. Webio also offers solutions for B2B trading as well as integrations with various back-end systems. Webio is a Paytrail compatible system and can be customized according to the customer's needs. Check it out at


Lyyti is an event management system, which is suitable for virtual events, live events and a combination of these. With the help of Lyyti, registrations, communication, reporting, and feedback collecting go smoothly and automatically. Ask your Lyyti contact person about the introduction of Paytrail.


MakeaShop is a new and innovative Finnish e-commerce platform, which is planned to support entrepreneurs regardless of the size of the business, the number of products and customers.

The online store platform uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service, which enables automatic scaling, according to the needs of your online store.

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