Monthly use tip: Improve conversion through the use of the payment method page bypass!

Kirsti Earl Written by Kirsti Earl - Mar 26, 2013

We offer a premium rate service called the payment method page bypass. Through the use of the payment method page bypass in your website, your customer will get to the check-out and see only the payment methods you provide. No distracting third party logo (the terms and conditions of the sale must state that Suomen Verkkomaksut Oyj is providing the payment services) and no new page redirects. The bypass will improve your conversion, as the transaction is one step quicker and easier for the customer. At the same time you create an online store with a more professional look and feel.

The bypass requires the implementation of an interface, the PRESELECTED_METHOD field makes it possible to bypass the payment method selection page.

If you are interested in bypassing the payment method page, you can contact our customer service ( / Tel. 0600 41005 (0,20 €/ min)).

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