New Paytrail reporting and payment retrieval developed

The Paytrail team Written by The Paytrail team - May 2, 2022

New Paytrail reporting and payment retrieval developed

We have received feedback on the new Paytrail reporting and the payments retrieval in the new Merchant panel. Thank you all. Your feedback helped us locate some features we had not previously identified. We have prioritized development based on your feedback and the most important things have been fixed.

Improvements to reporting

From the settlement view, you can now see the summary information retrieved from your billing now. Aggregate data includes:

  • total amount of payments
  • transaction fees
  • commissions
  • the amount to be settled
  • VAT breakdown (not for refunds)
  • amount of refunds
  • option to enable transaction specific details

You can print a settlement report from the Merchant panel under the Settlement reports. Have settlements in PDF emailed to you, if you have provided an email address in the Merchant account settings of the Merchant panel.

Attention should be paid to tax rates to ensure that VAT information is being sent from your online store to Paytrail. Please confirm with your platform provider that VAT information can be exported from the online store for payments. Also, please note that refunds do not provide VAT information in your reports.

Understand that retrieving payments is an important part of the service and needs to run smoothly. We've made the changes needed to search for payments, and there should be no more issues.

Improvements to search slowness in the Merchant panel

We’ve also received a lot of feedback on the search slowness in the new Paytrail Merchant panel. We understand that retrieving payment information is an important part of the service and needs to run smoothly. We've made the necessary changes so there should be no more issues.

Customer service response time


Due to all changes over the past year, there’s been a significant increase in support requests from our customers. For this reason, our customer service team has been unable to reply as quickly as normal.

The matter was addressed with additional recruitments and overtime, and we have invested in our Help Center. Our team has given their all to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Some delays may still occur from time to time. But overall, our customer service team has adjusted to the amount of service requests, and this is being reflected already in the positive customer feedback we are receiving.

Our customers deserve only the best and that is what we want to offer you. We will continue to work hard. We truly believe that after the initial challenges, we will be able to offer you a rapidly evolving payment service that is preferred by both merchants and Finnish consumers.

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback!

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