This is how Siirto works

Siirto enables easy payments with a mobile phone, via a reliably recognized phone number.


Banks and other payment service providers offer their customers various applications that utilize the Siirto payment system, which make paying easier. Siirto applications for consumers are Nordea Siirto, OP-mobiili and Pivo.

Siirto payments work between customers of different Finnish banks, in online stores and in physical locations like a store or cafe. The system behind mobile transfer payments has been implemented by Automatia, which operates Otto ATMs.

In the Siirto payment system, banks and other payment service providers can offer applications and services that enable Finns to transfer money in real time "from mobile phone to mobile phone".

This is how paying with Siirto works

The user experience when paying with Siirto depends entirely on which application the user uses for Siirto payments. Siirto applications for consumers are Nordea Siirto, OP-mobiili and Pivo.

You can see how it looks in Pivo on our Pivo info page

Siirto and Paytrail's payment service

Siirto is a payment method included in the monthly fee for the service. The per transaction fee is the same as cards, check our pricing. Refunds are handled in the same way as card refunds. 

More than half of online payments are made using smart phones

The growth in mobile payment popularity has been a clear trend for years. Whereas, the use of computers has decreased considerably. In online shopping, the use of smart phones has clearly taken over. In contrast, the growth in the use of tablets stopped years ago, and now the trend has turned to a sharp decline. 

The data in the image below was collected from Paytrail's payment page from October to November 2021.