10 Tips for Success at Slush 2014

Jussi Hanki Written by Jussi Hanki - Nov 18, 2014

Whether you are successful entrepreneur, investor, or future superstar, this checklist is for you.

  1. Don't think outside the box because at Slush there is no box. Think with an open mind and share your ideas. Together we achieve more.
  2. Take your business cards with you. We are living in a digital era but business cards will still help your contacts remember you.
  3. Make most out of the event: follow, share, tweet, and comment in social media. #slush14 (link to Slush twitter feed).
  4. Being active in social media can drain your battery in your mobile device quite quickly, so remember also to take your charger with you.
  5. Water keeps your body working properly. It is going to be long couple days so remember to drink enough water.
  6. Coffee can also keep you going and help you feel less tired. But be careful, too much caffeine may also negatively impact your mood and energy.
  7. Be patient while queuing. There is going to be thousands of people and you may have to wait for a while before you get your meal or refreshments. So relax and have a chat whit people next to you. These moments can turn into excellent networking opportunities.
  8. Wondering what else can you do in Helsinki? Check out the Helsinki site.
  9. Don’t miss out on the after parties! They are great places to make connections.
  10. Last but not least: Don't take yourself too seriously and have fun!

See you all at Slush! I'll get there with Lennu, Suvi and Petri from Paytrail.

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