Greetings from the eCommerce Expo in London!

Lennu Keinänen Written by Lennu Keinänen - Nov 5, 2014

The I checked out the eCommerce Expo in London to see what are the current hot topics in eCommerce. One of the most common topics was the use of multiple channels in commerce.  

There were new ideas on the use of omnichannel from various perspectives. Logistics companies tried to bring their own solutions for both online and physical stores. The providers of e-commerce platforms sought to expand their own services by also covering orders made through physical stores.  

It seems that the technical building blocks are beginning to be available to all and the challenge has become constructing a suitable complete package. The most difficult aspect in the equation is getting all the systems together so that the consumer can be provided with a completely seamless purchase experience across all channels.  

Last year’s hot topic was the utilisation of social media in marketing. And a year later, social media marketing is a daily routine for companies. I expect that next year when I go to the eCommerce Expo, multi-channel business will also have started being a mainstream activity for a large part of medium-sized companies.

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