Monthly use tip: Detailed monitoring of payments

Matti Mäkelä Written by Matti Mäkelä - Jan 3, 2013

Would you like to analyze a particular time frame or payment transaction? Whether a particular payment has been lost in the “bit” jungle? You can with the Merchant’s Panel!

In the Merchant’s Panel, go to the "Payments" tab, there you will find search tools that facilitate the monitoring of payments.

Using the “Search criteria”, you can query a specific time frame or a specific payment method. You can also choose to search only successful or cancelled payments.

“Search with payment data” allows to query using the order number that is generated by the web shop, reference number or the Suomen Verkkomaksut’s generated customer's payment number. Another option is to search using the order amount and the date order was placed. This option can be useful when trying to find a missing or lost payment.

Take advantage of the "Statistics" tab where transaction graphs can be created for tracking purposes.

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