Ecommerce Success Story: Tieroom

Kirsti Earl Written by Kirsti Earl - Apr 17, 2014

Going back 10-20 years, if you wanted to buy a quality tie, it was made in Italy and had a high price tag. Niklas Andersson, one of the current founders of Tieroom, and his friend decided to offer more affordable options by manufacturing ties in China. They dedicated a great deal of time and energy by traveling all over Sweden to sell the ties directly to companies. The company did very well but required a lot of tiresome travelling so they decided to sell it.

Tieroom - ecommerce success story - products Some time later Niklas, his girlfriend, Louise, and his brother, Christian, decided to start again, this time skipping the travelling by selling through an ecommerce store and Tieroom was born. The beginning was challenging, but they believed in their business and its potential. They decided to bootstrap their business and up until a couple of years ago, all three founders had full-time jobs while simultaneously running their ecommerce business. It was important for them to give their business breathing room and allow it grow.

In a League of Their Own

And grow they have. Tieroom has expanded to a new country every year, currently they do business in 7 countries. With over 400 designs, they have arguably the best selection of ties, bow ties and handkerchiefs in Europe. Having their own brand, Notch, allows them to design each aspect of their products from the color to the fabric used.

Providing quality products is one of the keys to the success of Tieroom; the other is amazing customer service. To illustrate, Christian shared that they had a customer who hadn't received their tie when they expected it and Tieroom express shipped a new one to them. The tie was only 20€ and the delivery had cost Tieroom 100€ but satisfying the customer's expectation was the priority.


Christian's tips to a successful ecommerce business

  1. Give amazing customer service.
    Respond quickly to customers and make your customers happy
  2. Have good copy writing
  3. Produce well thought out content for products & SEO traffic
    Use high quality and resolution product photos with high attention to correct representation of colors.
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