Great Place to Work®: We’re one of Finland’s best places to work

Suvi Tikkanen Written by Suvi Tikkanen - Apr 9, 2015

The acclaimed Great Place to Work® Finland has chosen us as one of the top 50 places to work in Finland in 2015! In the overall ranking among small organizations (15-49 employees), we ranked 13.

Having been part of Paytrail for seven years, I know that our working culture and environment is truly unique. The entire Paytrail team seems to thrive and to be proud of their workplace.

Paytrail_kesapaiva_2014-suomen-parhaat-tyopaikat-1I always enjoy exchanging work-related experiences with work and personal friends almost to the point of irritation.

For instance, I was chatting with a friend about company Christmas gifts and a friend said they had received an Iittala item. They joked with me saying: I’m sure your Christmas gift was in a whole different league. Grinning, I replied that we got a paid day off to spend more time with family at Christmas.

Another time, I was showing a different friend photos from one of our annual Paytrail for families event – it’s where employees bring their families for a day of recreation and fun. They saw what a good time everyone had and wished their employer would do something similar.

Another perk at Paytrail, full medical coverage at Terveystalo for non-work related accidents at the company’s expense.

My intention here is not to show off Paytrail’s perk but to point out the following:

When a company invests generously into staff wellbeing, company culture and a relaxed yet entrepreneurial environment, it lays a solid foundation for a great success story.

We are a perfect example of this. We’re called a remarkable growth story in various listings and media. It just made my day that we were awarded the Great Place to Work label. It’s no longer just a feeling, it’s a fact.

I asked a couple of colleagues what they thought makes us so special. Almost verbatim both said that human touch and caring for others. Paytrail’s wellbeing is achieved through team wellbeing. Understanding, genuine interest and confidence in our people can be found in leaps and bounds. This goes hand in hand with considerable freedom and opportunities for assuming responsibility.

Paytrailin-laura-kai-suomen-parhaat-tyopaikat-paytrailI also had a great discussion with our CEO Markus about what this achievement means to the company. According to Markus, this is acknowledgment for the entire Paytrail team of a job well done and of successful investments in personnel, culture and working atmosphere.

We’re extremely proud of this accomplishment and want to take this opportunity to congratulate all the companies who were awarded Great Place to Work® Finland award for their fantastic achievement!

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