Paytrail & Shopify - refunds now directly in Shopify's dashboard

The Paytrail team Written by The Paytrail team - May 20, 2020

Canadian Shopify is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms, already used by more than a million e-retailers in more than 175 countries. Shopify is one of the most popular platforms in Finland as well. Paytrail has been an official payment method in Shopify since 2016.

shopify_logo-1We are pleased to announce that Paytrail’s payment service will now work even better in Shopify online stores. The benefits of our updated integration will be available to our customers using Shopify from today.

The most anticipated change is that you can now make refunds directly from Shopify's dashboard. Shopify will refund the transaction fee charged for the transaction to your store and the returns will be recorded in Shopify's accounting reports.

In addition, we have changed our payment logo based on the requests of merchants so that the text displayed will be "Online Banking / Card Payment / Invoice". We've also added instructions to our support pages on how to modify checkout page texts by payment method.

Instructions for refunding payments from Shopify's dashboard, as well as instructions for editing checkout texts, can be found on Paytrail's Shopify specific support pages.

Finnish Payment Methods to Shopify

Paytrail provides access to all the most common Finnish payment methods, such as online banking and credit cards, as well as invoice and installment payment methods to the Shopify online store. American Express is also available in Paytrail's selection of payment methods. Our expert customer service is available to support merchants 24/7.

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