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Additional Merchant IDs

Does your company own several online stores? Do you need payments from different products or services to be deposited in different bank accounts for accounting purposes? For either scenario, additional Merchant IDs to the Merchant Panel allows you to separate transactions, monitor growth and development, generate accounting reports, and have settlements to different bank accounts. This ultimately frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Embedded Payment Method Page

In the basic integration of our service, the consumer is transferred to Paytrail’s payment method page after filling in their contact information. If you embed the payment method page to your online store, the consumer will not be transferred to a separate payment method page. This will take an extra step out of the checkout process and allow your customer to complete their order faster. For technical information about this feature refer to the Integration Guide

Payment Page Bypass

In the basic integration of our service, once the consumer has filled in their contact information, they are transferred to Paytrail’s payment method page. You can bypass our payment page and design your own payment method page to keep the look and feel of your online store. For technical information about this feature refer to the Integration Guide.

Sales Rescue

Up to 60-70 % of online shopping carts are abandoned. Now you can save at least some of them! We developed Sales Rescue to improve your business by recovering orders that were not completed. The idea is to automatically send an email to customers who didn’t completed their order, which gives them another opportunity to complete it. Read more.