New Refund Process

Paytrail account has been removed from refunds.

Paytrail Account Has Been Removed From Refunds

We have received feedback and worked on it. Entering an account number through Paytrail account has been troublesome and it has been removed from the refund process today, February 27th 2018, during a service maintenance.

Your customer will no longer need to use Paytrail account to provide their account number to receive a refund. The account number can be conveniently provided via a short form.

After the 27.2. upgrade, all future refunds will be handled using this new method. Before that date, refunds already started will need to be completed using the old method. In the Merchant's Panel, refunds will look the same as before.

The development of the refund functionality will continue. More info about new features will be announced once the development has progressed closer to their release. :)

New Refund Flow

1. Refund Created

Merchant creates a refund from the Merchant's Panel. Once the refund has been created, the following email is sent to the consumer.



2. Account Number Is Entered

The consumer clicks on a link in the email and is redirected to a secure page where they enter their account number.



3. Account Number Is Saved

After entering their account number, the consumer will press the Send button. The following message will display confirming that the account number has been saved.