One Paytrail Contract
Connects You to
All Finnish Banks

One Contract 

Avoid signing contracts with ten different banks in Finland by signing one contract with Paytrail. We take care of all the maintenance work when banks update their systems.

We collect the payments for you and make a single, daily deposit to your preferred bank account. All bookkeeping information for online payments can be viewed and downloaded from the Merchant's Panel.


80 % Prefer Online Bank Payments

In Finland, most online consumers prefer to pay via online bank payments. In fact, more than 80 % of payments going through Paytrail's service are via online bank payments. Delight your customers by offering all of the Finnish consumer banks, this allows your customers to pay using their preferred bank.

In addition to our exceptional merchant customer service, consumers are provided a dedicated call center for all consumer payment related questions. The service is provided at no additional cost and is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.


Monthly fee of 59 €/month. In addition, successful transactions will be charged accordingly:

Payment methods Fee
ePayments (OP-Pohjola, Danske Bank, LähiTapiola, S-Pankki, Säästöpankki, Nooa, POP, Aktia, Ålandsbanken, Handelsbanken) 0,35 € / transaction
Nordea ePayment 0,50 € / transaction

All prices are exclusive of 24 % VAT. (Excluding transaction taxes and comissions which have 0 % VAT. With direct contracts, VAT is 24 % for transactions.)

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Customer Comments


"It is important to us that customers have a choice and are able to pay exactly how is best for them. With Paytrail, we're connected to 11 Finnish banks in one system – this means it is easy for us to manage. For the customer, they choose their own bank on our website. This means that the customer feels secure. Over 50% of the Finnish orders on are paid through Paytrail. Therefore we could not do without them." 

Mia Viola Gregersen, Chanti






"To make the experience great we spend a lot of time on our technology as we want the website to be a pleasure to visit and a purchase hassle free. Still, we would really rather spend time on making even better products and talking to customers than work on tech. That's why we need good partners.

With Paytrail we get a one-stop shop for payments meaning only one point of integration where we previously had three integrations with different providers to cover the same payment options. Also, since we switched to Paytrail we have almost forgot we have it, as it's given us no issues. It just works. Something we definitely can't say about other providers we have worked with. This means we get more time to focus on our core business.

For the Finnish market specifically, switching to Paytrail meant a big jump in customer trust and conversion as we now could offer the complete range of payment options Finnish people expect. Especially the option of direct banking with all major Finnish banks which is crucial when doing online sales in Finland."

- Christian Andersson, Tieroom

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