This is how MobilePay works

MobilePay is a quick and easy way to pay.


MobilePay is an easy, fast and popular mobile payment method. You can explore the application in more detail on MobilePay's website.

With MobilePay, you can pay for online purchases with just one swipe. MobilePay, Finland's most popular mobile payment application, is free for all bank customers.

How to pay using MobilePay

When a customer uses MobilePay for online shopping, the payment steps are as follows:

1. When purchasing from an online store, the customer enters the mobile phone number connected to the MobilePay application.
2. The customer accepts the payment in the MobilePay application.
3. The payment is charged to the card the customer linked to the MobilePay application.

The payment flow can be seen in the images below. The first two images on the left are browser images, and the last one is a phone screenshot taken during payment acceptance.

- MobilePay will ask for your phone number.
- MobilePay will send a notification that the payment needs to be confirmed in the MobilePay application.
- The payment is confirmed in the MobilePay application, and then the customer is returned directly to the online store.


MobilePay and Paytrail's payment service

MobilePay is a payment method included in the monthly fee for the service. The per transaction fee is the same as cards, check our pricing. Refunds are handled in the same way as card refunds. 

More than half of online payments are made using smart phones

The growth in mobile payment popularity has been a clear trend for years. Whereas, the use of computers has decreased considerably. In online shopping, the use of smart phones has clearly taken over. In contrast, the growth in the use of tablets stopped years ago, and now the trend has turned to a sharp decline. 

The data in the image below was collected from Paytrail's payment page from October to November 2021.