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The agreement is open ended meaning you can cancel at any time with a notice period of one calendar month.

For companies registered in the European Economic Area (EEA), please send a passport copy of the individual authorized to sign on behalf of the company to This does not apply if your business is registered in Finland.

If your company is located outside EEA, we are not able to offer our service to you. 

We can deposit settlements to accounts in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

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Why should I choose Paytrail's payment service?

By choosing Paytrail, you get a comprehensive selection of payment methods with one agreement. With a diverse selection of payment methods, you ensure the best conversion, as up to 20% of buyers abandon the shopping cart if the preferred payment method is missing. Regardless of the payment method your customer chooses, we pay out quickly.

We are a pioneer in the Finnish e-commerce industry. We constantly monitor and research Finnish online payment trends and develop our service to meet the needs of domestic online businesses and their customers. We actively participate in the development of Finnish e-commerce and are part of Digital Commerce Finland.

You can trust the reliability of our service, our uptime is high (99.98%). You can monitor the availability of the service and request real-time email notifications about possible service interruptions.

We have provide excellent customer service: around 80% of our customers recommend our customer service. You can reach us quickly and via multiple channels: via chat, phone or email. Our customer service is open every day. In the words of our customer: "Excellent customer service, easy to use."

Which pricing package should I choose?

You can choose the most suitable option for your business from different pricing packages:

The S-package is a starter package for a startup or small business owner with a monthly fee of 14,90 €/month and transaction fees 0,50 €/trx + 3,25 %. 

The M-package is suitable for businesses with larger volumes with a monthly fee of 59€/month and transaction fees start at 0,50€/trx.

For detailed information, check our pricing.  about our pricing can be found on our website. It's possible to change the pricing package at a later date.

If you are wondering which of the packages would be the most suitable for you, let us help you choose! Contact us by phone at +358 20 718 1824 (weekdays from 9-16), via chat or email at

Does invoicing begin immediately after signing up for the payment service?

No. During the acceptance process, we will discuss when invoicing will begin.

Is signing up for the service binding?

No. Filling out the order form is not binding. The agreement only enters into force once it's been signed.

How long is the agreement valid?

The agreement is not fixed-term but valid until further notice. The cancelation period is one calendar month.

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If you have any questions about signing up or using the service, contact our sales team at +358 20 718 1824 or

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