33% of the euros spent online are for goods


Written by: Kari Melender - 16 helmikuuta, 2018


In 2017, 33% of the euros spent online in Finland, or about 2.8 billion, were for goods. Most Finns buy clothes, shoes and accessories online, but also many other products. For specifics, check the distribution of consumption spending shown below.

Around 50% of Finns bought clothes, shoes and accessories online, making this category predominant in terms of products purchased online. Health products, physical media products and electronics were also bought. 30-33% of the population bought from these categories.

The largest share of euros spent, 24%, was spent on electronics. This can be explained by the price of electronics. The second largest share of euros spent, 20%, was spent on clothes, shoes and accessories. The third largest share of euros spent, 10%, was spent on motoring, boating and motor sports in general.

This figure shows the total consumption by category and the proportion of the population buying for each category.


FI Paytrail logo Graph3

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To learn more about how Finns buy online and the results of the Finnish e-commerce market survey, read the Finnish e-commerce report.


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