Media Release: A new e-commerce survey – The Finnish consumer is clearly different from online buyers in other Nordic countries

Suvi Tikkanen Written by Suvi Tikkanen - Oct 2, 2017

Paytrail, an online payment provider, has conducted an extensive survey with Dibs, also a part of the Nets family, on Nordic consumers’ attitudes towards e-commerce. The survey, conducted annually for more than 10 years, has served as a significant source of information on e-commerce in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. For the first time, Finland is also a part of the survey.

E-commerce in the Nordics is increasing rapidly. However, there are clear differences between the Nordic countries in how often consumers buy online, how items are purchased and whether domestic or foreign online stores are favored.

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Finns buy less online than our neighbors

Finns buy approximately 5.51 times from online stores in a three-month period. Swedes buy 6.97 times; Danes buy 6.39 times and Norwegians 6.31 times according to the survey. Sweden is the leading the Nordic countries with an e-commerce market of 11.4 billion euros. The market in Denmark is almost as big with 11.3 billion euros, followed by Norway with 10.9 billion euros and Finland with 8.5 billion euros.

The Finns and the Norwegians buy the most from foreign web shops; more than half (54%) made purchases from foreign web shops within the past three months. Less than 40% of the Swedes, and 45% of the Danes are shopping outside their home country.

The biggest differences between the Nordic countries are in payment habits

The clearest differences can be seen in how consumers pay for their online shopping. Finns are very different from the rest of the Nordics in this respect, as 76% of us paid for our online shopping via online banking. The next highest percentage was card payments (56%) and third was by invoice (33%).

In Sweden, card payments dominate online shopping with 83%. The next most popular methods were by invoice (49%) and online banking (48%). In Norway, cards were the most popular method (85%), PayPal was second (43%) and the third most used method was invoice. The Danish market was dominated by two clear payment options – card payments (94%) and MobilePay (37%), which has quickly increased in popularity in Denmark.

Use of mobile devices and mobile applications is a rising trend

In all Nordic countries, a common feature of respondents was the rapid expansion of mobile devices through online purchases and the preference for the most enjoyable shopping experience. 40% of Finns had made purchases in web shops via a mobile device within the past three months, while in other Nordic countries mobile devices were used among more than half of the respondents.

Migrating to mobile devices also leads to the need to implement user-friendly mobile applications from online stores. When asked about mobile payment methods, awareness of different mobile payment options has also increased significantly, although their use is still relatively low.

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Read the complete Finnish e-commerce report!

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