E2 interface released

The Paytrail team Written by The Paytrail team - Nov 13, 2017 11:12:12 AM


We are pleased to announce the release of the E2 interface. We recommend that our customers update their integration to this latest version as soon as possible. For developers, integration documentation is available, which also includes code examples. For integration support, please contact

The E2 interface improves integration security, replaces the features of the old E1 and S1 form interfaces and can be expanded in the future without having to upgrade the entire interface. Below is a more detailed list of the advantages and modifications in the new interface.

Includes the features of the E1 and S1 interfaces

The E2 interface includes a small number of mandatory fields that are roughly equivalent to the old S1 interface. In addition to mandatory fields, there are many optional fields to choose from. All mandatory and optional fields are listed in our integration documentation, chapter 5.3.1. The fields to be used are given in the PARAMS_IN field separated by commas.

Customizable payment confirmation

In addition to the customizable fields that can be sent to our service, the E2 interface also allows you to choose which parameters are sent with payment confirmation.

The fields to be used in the payment confirmation are listed in the PARAMS_OUT field separated by commas. A description of payment confirmation and the information available can be found in the documentation in chapter 5.3.3.

Upgraded encryption algorithm SHA-256

Earlier interfaces use the MD5 encryption algorithm whose information security is no longer sufficient. The E2 interface uses the SHA-256 encryption algorithm, which considerably improves the information security of the new interface and fulfills current security standards.

REST interface

The E2 interface does not allow the creation of payments through requests between servers, so if your integration uses our REST interface, upgrading may not be necessary or practical.

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