Online retailer’s first steps towards success

Mari Oksanen Written by Mari Oksanen - Jan 24, 2013

Would a brick-and-mortar store located in a middle of nowhere with no road leading to it be a success? Would your favorite store have high volume sales if all products were packed in opaque sacks with only the name of the product and a price tag visible to a customer?

There seems to be countless web shops which customers cannot find and that have really low sales volumes. Just as Kirsi Tepsa in Zento blog writes, anyone can start a web shop, however, success in e-commerce is a totally different story.

A very basic prerequisite to success is that a customer finds their way to a web shop. In addition, those who find the shop should be offered information about the products to enable the purchase decision.

Our customer service asked me for some material to help online retailers who have just started or have difficulties in getting sales going. For this reason, there will be a series of tips about:

  • Content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital presence
  • Measuring

Feel free to share you own experiences! Have you had challenges in getting the sales volumes up? How have you solved the problems? If you wish to be a case study for one of these topics, contact me directly ( On your way to success, you might also find our webinar about customer service quite helpful (in Finnish).

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