The ABC’s for a new online business

Kirsti Earl Written by Kirsti Earl - Oct 11, 2023

Are you setting up a new online store? Here's some useful info and tips to help you get your store up and running.


Familiarize yourself with the legislation regarding online shopping and make sure that you can find the necessary information in your shop

As an online business, you need to be aware of the legislation regarding e-commerce. In the EU region, laws guarantee uniform protection for consumers in the region and require you to provide information about payment methods and terms, return policy and delivery terms in your online store. Additionally, your company's name, business ID, address, email and phone number must be available. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority provides more specifics.

In addition to the above requirements, the Consumer Protection Act requires that your store contain comprehensive product descriptions as well as prices and any additional cost.

An order confirmation has to be provided, and the online store needs to inform the consumer about the use of cookies.



Choose payment methods that suit your store

Smooth order process and versatile payment methods are the lifeblood of an online business - too many orders are abandoned at checkout due to a complex checkout process or missing payment methods.

Finnish consumers prefer online banks, credit cards and invoices. However some consumer behavior differ such as young people prefer fast mobile payment methods, while overall large purchases are made preferably using a Buy now, Pay later method. Payment methods should be optimized according to the products sold and your target audience.


Choose your transportation provider wisely

There are many transportation companies and logistics services. As beginner, you can start with one transportation company, but choose wisely. Choose a suitable transportation company according to your location and the products you sell - large or breakable items need different transportation services than smaller ones.

When making your choice, consider the transportation company's network, range of services, pricing and the compatibility of their solutions with your online shopping platform. Compatible systems make it easier to track shipments and create and print shipping labels.


Reach your consumers thru marketing

Marketing helps your target audience find your store and is one of the key factors to building a successful online business. There are many options for implementing marketing in digital channels: attractive content, SEO (search engine optimization), utilization of social media, influencer marketing and advertising in digital channels.

Your products and your target audience determine what channels will work best. Take the time to test different methods and make sure to measure the results so you can develop your marketing in the right direction.


Invest in usability and customer experience

E-commerce is a competitive industry, but with simple actions you can influence the success of your business. Having a store that's easy to navigate, with comprehensive product information and continuous optimization will enhance the customer experience. You want to keep potential customers on your site instead of a competitor or a search engine.

Another important aspect is mobile conversion. Nowadays so many people shop via their mobile device so it’s important to check the shopping experience via a smaller screen.

Also, don't forget the importance of multi-channel and fast customer service - it can become a competitive advantage for you!

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