What kind of customer experience does your web store provide?

Noora Pasanen Written by Noora Pasanen - May 2, 2013

Usually web stores can be difficult to differentiate, similar products are sold in many places. A crucial competitive advantage can be achieved through the type of customer experience you create.

Ways to create a superior customer experience for your web store

  • Invest in search engine optimization for your website.
  • Improve conversion.
    Make the purchase process as clear and easy as possible for customers.
    For example, give your customer the ability to create an account where they can store their personal information and credit card information thereby creating convenience for them. Also, one-click payment possibilities are great (to learn more, contact 0207 181 824).
  • Personalize your site.
    A good example of a fun, personalized website is Varusteleka.
  • Make connections in online communities.
    You can create a Facebook page where you can post information about your website, discuss your products/services, allow customers to write about their experiences, etc.
  • Stand out from the rest.
    One way to definitely stand out from the competition is to create an excellent customer experience and provide outstanding customer service. Web store customer care service promises to redeem their client contacts.

The key to a great customer experience is to identify key customer encounters and to understand what they really happens. What kind of customer experience will you create if the customer is looking for a specific product and wants ask more about it before making the actual purchase decision? Can the customer pick up the phone and call you now to ask about the product? Or does the customer have to first search for your contact details ig contacts the delivery terms and the last line to say that customer service can be reached on weekdays from 9-12?

Measure customer experience

In order for you to understand what kind of customer experience your store provides, you need to measure it. The customer experience can be measured in different ways but before you begin you should decide what you want to learn, and how to best get those results. You can research for example the loss of customers and look for ways to reduce it.

Take advantage of the results

After measuring the customer experience, decide how to react to the results and how to communicate them to your customers. There have been thousands of customer satisfaction surveys conducted but no action taken based on the results. Take advantage of the customer experience results by developing sales techniques, marketing campaigns and customer relationship management that will enhance your customers experience and satisfaction.

What kind of customer experience have you had while shopping online, or how you have tried to create an excellent customer experience for your customers?

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