The e-commerce market in Finland is 8.5 billion euros

Kari Melender Written by Kari Melender - Oct 19, 2017

The Finnish consumer expects to be able to purchase anything online. Whether it is socks, different kinds of training sessions or food for the fridge, they have to get it online and easily. The e-commerce market in 2017 is already 8.5 billion euros, even though we are behind the rest of the Nordic countries. In comparison, in Sweden the size of the market is 11.4 billion euros, 10.9 billion euros in Norway and 11.3 billion euros in Denmark.

  Population (15-74 years old) E-com market size (billion)
Finland 4 108 640 8,5
Sweden 7 370 479 11,4
Denmark 4 341 981 11,3
Norway 3 951 298 10,9

The market division between services, sale of goods and travel

The 8.5-billion-euro market can be divided into roughly three sectors: the travel sector comprises as much as 47% (4 billion euros) of the market, physical goods 33% (2.8 billion euros) and services 20% (1.7 billion euros).


In recent years, Finland has fortunately developed in terms of both technology and commerce, but there are still many industries not making the most of digital opportunities. Especially in the sale of services online, there’s a lot of potential.

If you want to know more about Finnish e-commerce, read the Finnish e-commerce report where you will find interesting information and statistics about the market and consumers, as well as consumer behaviour online.

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