Paytrail’s story, the second act – new owner, winds of change

Lennu Keinänen Written by Lennu Keinänen - Dec 3, 2014

When Niko Lehtonen and I started Suomen Verkkomaksut (Finnish Web Payments) in 2007, we could not imagine what a great story the company would be.  In the beginning we faced a variety of challenges, but we managed to overcome them with perseverance, determination and energy generated by the faith of our increasing customer base.

In 2013, the company launched its international brand and new name. We also launched Paytrail account, which supports both our internationalization and mobile-commerce. This service improves shopping online and has received a well-deserved reception from tens of thousands of satisfied shoppers.

Seven years later, with our Paytrail family we have succeeded in significantly increasing the company's position in Finland by serving more than 10,000 different online business or services, while enabling more than a billion euros in processed payments. From a national point of view, this significant achievement, which we are very proud of and humbled by, would not have been possible without the support from all of you!

netsista-paytrailin-paaomistaja2The announced acquisition gives us better building blocks to offer the great Paytrail buying experience to a wider range of consumers. Needless to say, we are really excited, and without these changes Paytrail's transition from the domestic SM League to the NHL would not be possible.

The whole Paytrail story has been created by an amazing group of true professionals who daily deliver high-quality Paytrail service to all of our customers, both businesses and consumers. The same dedicated group who are committed to world-class customer service, error-free technical implementation and world-class reliability will continue to work at Paytrail. All of these common values are deeply rooted in Paytrail’s DNA and ensure that our customers will continue to receive the same excellent service they deserve.

The next step to a bigger and brighter future has been taken. The first chapter of the Paytrail story has been an insanely great experience - my humble thanks to all of you.

Let’s make the next chapter of the story even better!

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