Paytrail and Checkout payment services will be merged on 05.10.2021

The Paytrail team Written by The Paytrail team - Aug 27, 2021

Paytrail and Checkout have teamed up to focus their strengths and expertise. Together, we form a unique e-commerce competence center and build a service that meets the needs of Finnish merchants and consumers in the best possible way.

The best of Paytrail and Checkout in one package

To better meet the needs of Finnish online merchants, Paytrail's and Checkout's payment services will be merged into the same service in the autumn of 2021. The new Paytrail combines the best of both payment services:

  • Paytrail's knowledgeable and valued 24/7 customer service
  • Paytrail's high-quality risk management processes
  • Checkout’s comprehensive range of payment methods
  • Checkout's flexible and modern technical platform

Technically, the new Paytrail will work with Checkout’s current interface, which will be released under Paytrail’s brand on 05.10.2021. Our new, more versatile payment service will continue to be called Paytrail.

New payment methods and features available to our customers

The new Paytrail brings an even wider range of payment methods and new features to Paytrail's existing customers. The new Paytrail allows you to, among other things:

  • Recurring card payments
  • More mobile payment methods (Pivo, Transfer & Apple Pay)
  • Card info saved when paying, i.e. One-Click payment
  • Advanced refund processes
  • Different user levels in the Merchant panel
  • Settlement reports by email
  • Versatile sales channel/shop-in-shop

What happens next

We will be transferring the existing Paytrail customers to the new service on an e-commerce platform basis and the transfers will start from autumn 2021. For some merchants, the transfer won’t happen until after the new year. We will be in touch with our customers well in advance of their scheduled migration. Until then, customers can continue to use the existing Paytrail as usual.

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