Paytrail is the best place to work in Finland!

The Paytrail team Written by The Paytrail team - Apr 28, 2021

The Great Place to Work organization has once again evaluated the best workplaces in Finland and Paytrail has been chosen as the best in the medium-sized workplaces category! According to the assessment, the overall performance in the midst of a difficult time has been exemplary and has boosted the company’s profits this year.

Great Place to Work is an impartial body that publishes an annual list of the best workplaces in Finland. The list is based on personnel surveys that measure employee experiences and qualitative cultural audits of organizations. According to extensive research, Paytrail's core strengths as a workplace are openness, trust and extreme transparency, maximizing people's potential, and values ​​that are truly visible in everyday life. Paytrail invests particularly heavily in providing a high quality employee experience, well-being and enjoyment at work, and recruitment and orientation.

"Paytrail has been researching the employee experience with us for seven years. These years have accommodated changes such as rapid growth but one thing that has remained through these years is a great employee experience, as they are one of the best workplaces in Finland for the seventh time in a row. I have had the pleasure of working with them for a few years and the systematic work towards a great employee experience and the understanding of the importance of the employee experience has been strong from the beginning," describes Nina Maurola, a corporate culture expert at Great Place to Work Finland.

Successful completion of a challenging corona year boosted Paytrail to victory

According to the evaluating organization, Paytrail's overall performance during the corona year has been exemplary and is the reason why Paytrail was chosen as the best workplace in Finland this year. In particular, caring for and leading people during this challenging year emerged in a special way, and the same value-based activities have continued and permeated the entire organization. Clear and transparent communication as well as agile response and adaptability to conditions have also been particularly successful.

Paytrail has been able to support a large number of companies to quickly move business online during corona, and the company has helped Finns to shop safely online from home. Paytrail's social impact has therefore been exceptionally strong, especially this year. Also, the desire to help and take social responsibility has been reflected even in the bonus targets for all employees. The goals have been related to such activities as supporting local businesses struggling during corona, charity work, and spending time with loved ones.

"At Paytrail, the Trust Index survey’s ‘Overall this is a really good workplace’ score is a staggering 100% and the uncompromising work towards corporate culture is reflected in that even during an exceptional year, the employees experience has improved further. The employee experience has improved, especially in the areas of management credibility, fairness, pride and team spirit. This means that in exceptional times, communication has been successful, management skills have been reliable and team spirit has even been improved, despite working remotely. Furthermore, the result of the caring aspect is a staggering 99%, the well-being of employees is indeed taken care of in Paytrail employee’s daily lives. This year’s ranking is more than earned," sums up Maurola.

"The victory based on the performance of this very challenging year for everyone feels especially great for us. Only companies that do many things right and invest heavily in people and the community can be included in Finland's list of the best workplaces. Now especially, caring about people genuinely and investing in work well-being in completely new ways remotely has been particularly significant. Based on the feedback we received, we have succeeded," shares Markus Laurio, CEO of Paytrail.

"We promise to continue our hard work, developing Paytrail into the best possible workplace for its employees and striving to be the best payment partner for our customers. Finally, I would like thank the entire pink Paytrail family, together we have accomplished and deserve this achievement," Laurio praises his people.

For more information:

Markus Laurio, CEO, Paytrail, +358 40 840 3754,

Suvi Tikkanen, Marketing Director, Paytrail, +358 40 562 8283,


Established in 2007, Paytrail has the largest payment volume of all online payment services in Finland. The company provides payment services to more than 10 000 online stores and services and also handles online payments for the State Treasury's service. Over fifteen billion euros worth of products and services have been paid for using Paytrail's payment service. The company is part of Nets. Paytrail was chosen as the best place to work in Finland in 2021 (Great Place to Work).

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